Laser leveler 50/60/70MPN

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  • 50MPN: working width 5,00 m (agriculture, earth moving)
  • 60MPN: working width 6,00 m (agriculture, earth moving)
  • 70MPN: working width 7,00 m (agriculture, earth moving)
  • Type: leveler
  • Frame design: with double plates
  • Opening blade system: hydraulic
  • Folding blade: yes
  • Opening axles system: pantograph
  • Extensible axles: yes
  • Slope of the blade: hydraulic
  • Rocker arm (wheels): n°2 balancer with 3 wheels
  • Maneuver wheel track: 2,50 m
  • Receiver mast: hydraulic extensible
  • Oil filter: cartridge
  • Lights system: yes
  • Laser system: hydraulic indipendent
  • Ready for laser system: yes
  • Ready for GPS system: yes
  • Laser system precision on 450 m: ± 2 mm
  • GPS system precision on 5 km: ± 2 cm
50MPN (5,00 m)
(agriculture, earth moving)
Download data sheet »
60MPN (6,00 m)
(agriculture, earth moving)
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70MPN (7,00 m)
(agriculture, earth moving)
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