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Since its inception in 1986, MARA has designed, manufactured and marketed laser and GPS land leveling machines in over 30 countries worldwide. The company mission consists of improving productivity in agriculture, in land levelling and street construction, in levelling of sports fields, and providing earthmoving machinery. Mara has consistently invested in research and development to offer the best possible market technology for laser leveling. Mara’s success counts on the production of reliable machines that are light and easy to use, can reduce processing times, and optimize the use of materials, which all help deliver a precise and high-quality final result.

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As well as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, such innovation is the vital spark of all changes, improvements, and human progress.


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    The machine is more valid than the previous model. It moves more earth, requets less tractor power, cuts and looses very well the earth, makes the earth rolling in the cutting time. I am very satisfied of this new model.

    The machine has a lot of stability, in comparation with the one. I used before by another brand. I am surprise that the leveler is making roll the earth so easy, even is the blade is still painted. The machine has a good distribution of the weights, the tractor has a good grip by the weight the machine discharges over the hook. It is a machine to discover.

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