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AGRICULTURE: more productivity for your land and minimal costs → immediate return costs

  • Reduce water consumption (-50%)
  • Reduce the consumption of chemical products (-8%)
  • Reduce the consumption of seeds (-20%)
  • Increase your harvest (up to 40%)
  • Reduce the time spent on field work (-7%)
  • Sum up all the benefits that you have gained using MARA levelers, and it will be as if your acreage increased by more than 25%

The use of MARA levelers offers many advantages, including the increase of farmland; you can ultimately develop better extension fields as a result of the grouping of the smaller ones, to ensure rapid and simplified activities in the field.

A flat and uniform surface improves the growth of crops because it ensures the same amount of nutrients and water for all plants, with obvious results in terms of homogeneity of ripening. It can also improve the number of plants per m², while reducing the amount of water and fertilizers required. In this way, the rate of irrigation is higher and at the same time, this reduces the filling and emptying times.

In addition, it decreases problems with invasive plants, and weed control is more efficient and less wasteful. Finally, normal activities in the field are reduced, with notable savings in fuel energy that may be needed for the irrigation process.

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