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Antonio Tinarelli: about levelers and rice production

Antonio Tinarelli is a greatest expert on rice-growing world-wide. We found these few lines, which very closely concern our business, in one of his numerous publications.
“In rice-growing the perfect soil-finish of ground leveling is indubitably the basic condition to attain a high unit production. In areas where the ground, even if submerged, sustains the tractor provided with narrow iron wheels…. soil-finish can be easily done with high precision – after submerging the rice-field with a sheet of water – by using simple leveling blades carried by the tractor.”

Then he goes on

“If you can refer to water level you can doubtless achieve considerably precise results; of course the ground has to be submerged accurately because both excessive or poor water level would prevent the localization of spots where you need to correct the ground level .”

The chapter continues focusing the need of using leveler machines to do the soil-finish without water, before submerging the ground. Modern leveler machines allow, first of all, to economize water
considerably since you don’t need to use it during the early stages of work but only when you submerge the ground after rice seed-time.

Saving and sustainable use of resources are MARA’s basic philosophy of work. Keep on following us and you’ll find it out….

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