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CONSTRUCTION: work easier, great savings → high yield investment

  • Reduce the processing time (-20%), site preparation (-90%) and costs (-20%)
  • Reduce the use of concrete (-20%)
  • Ensure the right angle for water flow with precise gradients in millimeters
  • Improve the overall end result from a ± 2.5 cm error to a ± 0.2 cm error

The on-board electronics of our machines ensure precise control of the blade for a maximum 4 mm deviation. Thanks to this, the surface finish is extremely precise, so you do not have depressions that would then need to be filled with concrete. We consider every step for the possibility of savings.

For an easily understood example, let’s take a shed of 100 m X 25 m, with a total area of ​​2500 m². For the preparation of to floor (pre-paving floor), with a conservative error estimate of 100 m, in the case where a grader is not used, it can be about 2.5 cm in height difference from one extreme to the other. Through the use of a MARA leveler, the maximum error is 0.4 cm; this implies a concrete saving of 57.5 m³ for the entire shed. Furthermore, a constant slab thickness offers the customer a better guarantee of durability and load resistance.

The ease with which MARA levelers allow you to execute inclined planes, and the great precision of the work make it possible to guarantee to customers surfaces up to 0.2% (2‰) slope for proper and natural water disposal.

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