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Earth moving

EARTH MOVING: Simple and light machines that allow you to move a lot of material and require little pulling power

  • Minimize your investment (-30%)
  • Reduce processing times (-20%)
  • Improve the overall end result (from a ± 2.5 cm error to a ± 0.2 cm error)
  • Get a horizontal plane with two precise inclines to the millimeter

The continuous evolution of geometry and weight distribution, which are the basis of proper grader functioning, allow MARA machines to be characterized by above-average performance. This advantage is even more appreciated when you have important masses of soil to be moved, because it can be done with high speeds and low pulling power.

The robustness associated with the lightness of MARA graders allow the tractor’s power to be used to move a greater amount of earth. In fact, there is ample evidence that a lightweight machine, characterized by adequate weight distribution between the tractor and the rear wheels, enables it to be more efficient and faster (- iron, + earth).

With its models designed for “heavy duty” use and therefore adapted to heavy work and loads, the MPN family machines are the answer to your earthmoving needs.

All this without sacrificing the high precision (± 2mm) that laser technology and MARA machines can offer.

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