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MARA GPS system


MARA provides two options to guarantee the best levelling result using a GPS system.

MARA IAS is based on a double slope laser system and on a GPS receiver.

MARA GOL is based exclusively on a satellite positioning system (no laser transmitters or receivers are involved)


The GPS system is a technology used nowadays in many and different fields, so much versatile that is becoming quite a must have.

This system draws upon 31 satellites set around the Earth orbit, which regularly send their position to the GPS receivers.

MARA levellers also use this system and the machines used are compatible with all GPS systems on the market.

The functioning is guaranteed from a mobile receiver, placed on the leveller, and by a fixed receiver, this defines the displacements of the machine in the distance between the mobile base and the static one.

All these operations are manageable with an embedded pc, that processes data transmitted by both receivers in real time.

MARA levellers then replicate on the ground the plane created by the satellites.

Thanks to this technology the operator can control the height of the blade to levelling the ground with a simple command.

How the MARA GOL system works

MARA GOL used 2 GPS GLONASS receivers with double frequency and RTK: one fix receiver, as a base station, and one mobile receiver on the leveller.

The receivers talk each-other by radio to reach the maximum precision and they can work on range distance of 5 km(radius).

MARA GOL can automatically do the relief of the field, realize the projected plan, also on curved surfaces, can calculate the best plane for that field and store the survey data.

His software allows to locate the machine position on the field, to manage the higher and the lower areas of the plan work, all the cut steps and how to manage the ground.

This system guarantees a ± 10 mm precision and can realize plane, curved and shaped surfaces and Opti Surface projects.

 Characteristics of MARA GOL

– Precision: ± 10 mm
– Range: 5 km (radius)

  • possibility to use it on large extensions;
  • good precision;
  • automated driving;
  • slopes calculation;
  • indication of the path to follow;
  • cost calculation;
  • it also works on curved surfaces.




Even if the GPS system is reliable and innovative, the precision is different then the laser one, because the GPS system gives an error of about ± 10 mm and changes every 12 minutes for the change of constellations.

The laser however allows to realize a more precise plan, but can’t control the leveller position.

To implement the precision and reliability, MARA has created an automatic system that combines laser and GPS: the operator will be able to manage all the levelling steps with touch screen pc, located in the tractor cab.

Once the operator enters the type of tractor and the size of the leveller, the system will automatically read the ground quotas and will draw a 3D map of the field.

Through an arrows system the operator will have the path to follow to realize the indicated levelling.

In addition, the power sensor, will automatically allow the tractor to advance always with the maximum efficiency.

How the MARA IAS system works

The IAS innovated technology is based on the union of a double slope laser system and a GPS receiver.

This integration is always simple and accurate to use.

The GPS system can have 2cm error, this means a 200 m³ ground movement on 1 hectare surface, 100mx100m.

For example, if a leveller leaves ground on the plan and after 12 minutes runs through the same path, it’s possible that the blade gathers the same ground previously left, so all the work done will be useless.

Consequently, after few meters, the blade will be full and then the tractor will not be able to move it, the operator will not know where bring the ground to leave it.

In the integrated system, MARA has therefore thought to use the laser to manage the plan (despite the control limit of about 1300 m) and the GPS system to define the leveller position on the field.

Then MARA IAS integrates the laser, that controls the leveller height, and GPS system, that controls its location.

The MARA IAS software allows to manage all the cut steps, calculating the ground volumes and determining the costs.

This system allows to create automatically the relief, moving through the field with the leveller, and realize plan project for the desired field.

MARA has thus united the laser precision with the system GPS technology, to facilitate the operator in every step and to guarantee excellent results and great savings.

Characteristics of MARA IAS

– Precision: ± 2 mm
– Range: 650 m (radius from the transmitter)
  • excellent precision;
  • automated driving;
  • slopes calculation;
  • indication of the path to follow;
  • cost calculation.


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