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Increase productivity with MDG-60 leveller

MARA constantly studies the most suitable and efficient solutions for ground levelling, responding to the customer needs from different sectors: ground moving, agriculture, construction and stables maintenance and sports facilities.

A productivity increase, a considerable resource saving and a facilitation for the operator in every phase of work are guaranteed.

The MDG-60 leveller is used in two areas of application: ground moving and agriculture.


The MDG-60 leveller in agriculture


The ground levelling in agriculture reduces water consumption by 50% and increases the harvest by up to 40%.

The leveller eliminates endorsements: it guarantees a uniform surface and a correct water flow, this allows to irrigate in a homogeneous and efficient way the entire cultivation.

An incomparable result that allows to reduce the seeds consumption, the chemical products use and to reduce the time of the field processing.

The MDG-60 is designed for both laser control and GPS: these technologies guarantee millimeter precision levelling.


The MDG-60 leveller in ground moving


Ground moving is indispensable on several fields: in construction, for the road construction and for the landslide removal.

An essential aspect is the machinery ability to large quantities of ground transport in a short time.

MARA levellers stand out for their materials quality.

Thanks to the special steels use, the machinery will be both robust and lightweight: a correct weight distribution is, in fact, essential to ensure leveller efficient operation.

The operator will therefore be able to rely on a machine that is as reliable as easy to handle; this will allow him to easily move large quantities of ground using a reduced towing power.


MDG-60 technical characteristics


The MDG-60 guarantees 2 mm accuracy over 450 m (radius) with laser technology, while the GPS system ensures 10 mm accuracy over 5km (radius).

It has a double plate frame, a folding blade with hydraulic opening, extendable axles with butterfly opening and two three-wheel rockers.

It has the ability to carry 7 m3 for each pass, with a transport distance of 110 m and a finishing speed of 12 km/h.

It has a total length of 7,5 meters for a total weight of about 4,600 kg and its working track is equal to 5,6 meters.

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