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Kazakhstan: agriculture, traditions and an unusual banquet

Agriculture is quite poor in Kazakhstan because of past political heritage and choices which didn’t allow to develop growing technologies and also because of the brackish soil that cannot be prepared in a proper way. I’ve been a few times to Kazakhstan to promote the laser leveler machine and show how to work with it, and I’ve always noticed that people from that country are proud, strong-minded and they love to keep their traditions alive. I think that they will certainly be able to develop their agricultural economy with the help of the right technology and administration.

During my last trip there I’ve been struck particularly by one of their traditions. I was invited, at the end of meetings and work demonstrations, to a special banquet with very important local guests. There was a table sumptuously laid with all sorts of goods and a tray with a lamb’s head on it, still with hair, eyes and ears, ready to be served. Tradition is that the most important guest has to share out the parts of the lamb’s muzzle to the fellow guests in order to their age and importance. For example: the eyes go to the master of the house, the ears to the oldest guest, and so on.
That night I was the most important guest and, at the same time, the oldest…and I certainly was the luckiest !

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