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MARA laser System + GPS

MARA integrated laser system + GPS

The MARA integrated system works simply, accurately and effectively as it involves the use of laser control as well as the positioning via GPS. The most striking difference between the levelling system with laser control and the system with GPS control is its accuracy: the laser system allows you to create a more precise plan (± 2 mm error), while the GPS system gives an error of about ± 10 mm, which changes every 12 minutes when you activate the new constellation of satellites that give the reference plan signal. This is why MARA opted to use the laser system to implement the plan, despite the control limit of a circle of about 1300 m. It then uses the GPS system to define the position of the grader on the ground. The system is then integrated by the laser, which controls the height of the grader, and by the GPS, which controls its position.

To help the operator carry out the work, MARA opted to make the system fully automatic. The various work stages are as follows:

The operator enters the type of tractor and size of the grader with which he will work, into the system;

After entering the field and turning on the system (via a 10″ inch screen with touch screen controls located at the side, in the cabin), he will cover the side of the field he wishes to level;

Traces of the path to follow will appear on the screen and the system will correct the direction of the tractor with arrows (as with an assisted steering system);

The system will automatically read the terrain quotas and, at the end of the field, will draw a 3D map of the field indicating the following:

  • The area on which to work;
  • The north-south and east-west gradients (X axis and Y axis);
  • The maximum distance between the digging and carrying areas;
  • The volume of earth that will need to be moved;
  • The time required to complete the work;
  • The cost of completing the work according to the tractor and grader with which it will work and that the operator had entered into the system before starting.

At this point, you can change the gradients and the system will calculate the new results. When the operator accepts the results, the 3D field will appear on the screen indicating the following:

  • The areas to be cut in red;
  • The areas to bring back in green;
  • The highest point in the field from which to begin the work in yellow;
  • The position of the tractor and grader in blue;
  • Some arrows will indicate the path that the operator has to follow to optimise the work (least amount of earth to move in the shortest distance).

The system will automatically lift the receiver until it meets the laser beam to give the depth of cut in relation to the power of the tractor available and the width size of the grader blade used. At each stage, the system will update the plan and point out the area that the operator should steer the tractor towards for optimum levelling. When there are no more plan changes, the system will tell the operator that the job is finished.

The processing time and the yield per hectare will depend on the condition of the ground before work:

  • The volume of soil to be moved;
  • The distance between the areas to be dug out and those to be filled in;
  • The texture of the soil (clay, sand or medium texture);
  • Soil water content.

These parameters define the time required to complete the levelling.

The system does not require the operator to do anything or have extensive experience; accordingly, even an inexperienced operator will be able to carry out the work perfectly and in the set time.

Discover our examples on leveling the ground by the MARA machinery

An explanatory example for carrying out a plan, after the calculation made by the MARA integrated system, on a plot of 1 hectare with:

  • A difference of a 20 cm drop between the highest and lowest point;
  • A maximum distance of 80 m between the areas to be dug and those to be filled;
  • Medium-textured soil;
  • With a relative humidity of about 45%;
  • Using a 4 m wide grader;
  • With a 120 HP tractor.


The work will be completed in about 6 hours.

Another example of a plan made on a plot of 1 hectare already levelled in advance, but to be corrected, with:

  • A drop of about 2-3 cm;
  • The same conditions as those in the previous example;
  • The same grader;
  • The same tractor.


The work will be completed in about 1.5 hours.

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