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ME levelers: machines with maximum versatility

Of Mara’s levelers, there is a rather interesting range, the main feature of which is versatility.

This is the ME range of levelers, consisting of 2 models, both of which have an extendable blade. This allows for a considerable variety of widths in one machine.

ME range: maximum versatility for multiple uses

With the ability to extend the blade, the two models in the ME range offer a wide range of uses. There is a model with a smaller blade and one with a larger blade:

– ME – 16.25 has a blade that can be extended from 1.6m up to 2.5m;

– ME – 24.33 has a blade that can extend from 2.4m to 3.3m.

This characteristic means that this range can be used on both large and smaller fields. In this way, those with fields of different sizes can use one machine.

Mara ME leveler: ideal for sports fields

The MARA ME leveler can be used for work in sports with excellent results, as it does not require the resurfacing of the turf. In this area, careful maintenance of the field is essential, leveling depressions created by players in particular areas.

When turf needs to be replaced, the work can become very challenging and expensive. MARA levelers avoid all this.

Perfect fields without turf removal

In order to have a pavement in good condition, without the formation of endorsements, it is important to obtain two precise sloping planes so that water can be disposed of quickly.

In addition, 1 or 2 slopes can be easily set for natural rainwater or irrigation runoff, ensuring good lawn health and a better result both functionally and aesthetically.

The procedure also works in the case of an already grassed field: in this way, there is an important reduction in time for the first use of the area.

The procedure involves cutting the existing grass as short as possible, then putting new turf on it and leveling it. In a short time and with very little cost, excellent results are achieved for the playing field without replacing the turf.

Thanks to the great working precision of MARA’s levelers, a small layer of soil can be redistributed over the existing lawn. Through this technique, accurate maintenance of the sports field can be carried out while maintaining the existing lawn and, at the same time, leveling depressions created by players in particular areas of the field.

MARA’s small levelers are light, agile and maneuverable and can be towed by tractors normally used for the maintenance of green spaces and sports facilities, as they require little power.

In conclusion, only a few passes are needed for the job to be finished.

The advantages of the ME Mara range of levelers

There are many advantages offered by the ME range of levelers:

– Ensures proper slopes for rainwater drainage

– Supplies new topsoil and repairs playground depressions without replacing the lawn;

– Eliminates the risk of waterlogging;

– Provides perfect appearance even over long distances;

– Makes grassy playing fields quickly available after maintenance.

The pluses of the MARA ME solution

– Accurate result (± 2 mm);

– Reduced time to prepare the system (leveler + laser system) and start working (less than 8 hours for a soccer field);

– Requires only one positioning of the transmitter;

– Realization of the 4 surfaces with 1% slope.


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