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ROAD BUILDING: Simple machines to use → fewer costs and better results

  • Minimize your investment (-90%)
  • Reduce processing times (-20%)
  • You do not have to resort to skilled labor
  • Improve the overall end result from a ± 2.5 cm error to a ± 0.2 cm error
  • Minimize the use of precious materials (-20%)
  • get a horizontal plane with two precise inclines to the millimeter

The MARA leveler is able to easily replace the motor grader, as machine costs are 10 times lower and ensure an optimal end result.

For the preparation of the floorplan (pre-flooring), MARA levelers are easy to implement and are fully automatic. The super expensive motor grader and its highly skilled operator are therefore no longer necessary. The number of passes to obtain the plane is much lower than that of a motor grader with the outcome of saving of time and money. The high precision surface finish ensures adequate side slope for the natural elimination of rainwater.

The electronic board of our levelers ensures precise control of the blade for a maximum of 4 mm deviation. Thanks to this, the surface finish is extremely precise and does not have depressions that would then need to be filled with asphalt / concrete. All this constitutes a significant source of savings.

An easily-understood example would follow a 1 km stretch of road with a 20 m width. A prudent estimate of error, in the case where a leveler is not used, can be about ± 2 cm in height difference. Through the use of a MARA leveler the maximum error is 0.4 cm, allowing an asphalt savings of 245 m³ for the entire stretch of 1km.

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