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Sports fields

SPORTS FIELDS: easy turf maintenance without needing to replace the field (for those currently in place)

  • Guarantee the right slope for rainwater drainage
  • Bring in new soil, repair play depressions without replacing the lawn, and avoid water stagnation
  • Give the perfect appearance, even over long distances
  • Inclines that are precise to the millimeter
  • Grassy playing fields that are available shortly following maintenance

Thanks to the great precision work of MARA levelers, you can redistribute a small layer of soil over the existing lawn. Using this technique, you can perform effective maintenance of sports fields on an existing lawn while simultaneously leveling depressions created by players on various areas of the field. This delivers a low cost result and a quick return to scheduled activities.

The vehicle can obtain two precise, inclined planes as to allow for rapid drainage of water. In addition, you can easily set one or two slopes for a natural flow of rain or irrigation water, ensuring greater lawn health and better results both functionally and aesthetically.

MARA small levelers are light, agile, easy to handle, and can be towed by tractors that are regularly used for green space maintenance, since they require a small amount of power.

In conclusion, it only takes a few steps and the job is done!

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