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Greenhouses and gardening

Greenhouses and Gardening: Do you want soil that is always dry and perfectly smooth? Health of lawns and plants

  • Ensure the right slope for rainwater drainage
  • Improve grass growth with perfect surfaces
  • Perfect appearance even over long distances
  • Inclines that are precise to the mm

The on-board electronics of our machines ensure precise blade control for a maximum variation of 4 mm.

It is easy to set 1 or 2 slopes to allow a natural flow of rain or irrigation water, ensuring the health of lawns and greenhouse crops and thereby obtaining a better production yield.

MARA small graders are light, agile, easy to handle and can be towed by tractors normally used for the maintenance of green areas since they require a small amount of power.

In conclusion, it only takes a few steps and the job is done.

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