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M MARA leveller: a small machine with maximum efficiency

The use of these machines for riding schools and green areas is particularly recommended. Although these are, in fact, machines of small size and with a minimum weight, they are able to obtain an optimal slope to avoid water stagnation, for soils that are not only smooth but always dry. Thanks to the periodic maintenance of the land, with these machines you can ensure an excellent customer experience and offer comfort and safety to your horses.


The characteristics of the range of levellers M

The M series levellers have features that make them particularly interesting, as they combine dual slope laser control with slope calculation software.

Double slope laser system

The M levellers can be equipped with a double slope laser control system, suitable for slightly sloping terrain. It allows the creation of a precise plan, in such a way as to facilitate the flow of water in the desired direction.

Software MARA OTT

Operation with these levelers is facilitated by the software provided by Mara. This is the MARA OTT software which allows the automatic calculation of the average slopes.

System components: spreadsheet

  • File format: .xlsx
  • Input: manual
  • Matrix size: 100 x 100
  • Grid pitch (m): 10, 20, 25 and 50
  • Calculation method: average per lane and per floor along 2 perpendicular directions
  • Formula protection: yes
  • Access password: yes
  • Laser beam pre-tilt input: yes
  • Graphical slope indication: yes with arrows
  • Graphical indication of slope direction: yes green and red colors
  • Indication of X and Y values ​​for laser transmitter: in cm over 100 m
  • Languages: Italian and English

Field training for the optimal use of MARA M levellers

MARA organizes a training course for its customers that allows them to use these machines to the fullest. It is suitable for all those who have never had the opportunity to use a laser-controlled leveling machine, as, in addition to a theoretical section on the importance of leveling in the various areas and on the operation of the levelers, a demonstration part is presented and, finally , a series of practical tests to immediately understand how these machines work.

Course topics:

  • Importance of leveling and its advantages
  • Effect of accuracy on costs
  • Principles of operation of a laser leveler
  • Use and maintenance of the machine
  • The transmitter and the tripod
  • The control box
  • Importance of the preliminary design
  • How to do the relief with the leveler
  • Calculation of average slopes for on the transmitter
  • How is MARA OTT used
  • How is MARA OLL used
  • Where and how to start leveling


  • Static demonstration of the machine and control systems
  • Dynamic demonstration of the machine and control systems
  • Practical tests on hooking and unhooking
  • Practical opening and closing tests of the blade and axles
  • Practical tests of transmitter orientation
  • Practical land survey tests
  • Practical leveling tests
  • Practical tests of orientation and use of the transmitter
  • Training duration: 1.5 / 2 days

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