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MJ levellers: small size large results

The MJ range of levellers from Mara is characterised by its small size. Thanks to its versatility, it is suitable for a wide range of applications such as small cultivated plots, greenhouses and sports fields.

MJ levellers have a basic set-up and require little towing power and are super light thanks to the design and materials used; the fixed axle  2- or 4-wheel ensures a maximum speed of 7 km/h.

Leveller MJ Mara: small and handy, it is suitable for entering narrow spaces

The MJ range is available in 3 models with fixed blade and 1 with extensible blade. The MJ range is performing in small and handy spaces and is equipped with an extendable manual receiver rod that can be requested in the hydraulic version. All options are designed to adapt to any type of equipment and tractor.

The MJ – 25.34 is the extendable model of the MJ range: it has a working width ranging from 2.5 m to 3.4 m, which can be modified thanks to the hydraulic telescopic blade opening.

We recommend combining the levelling machine with the MARA laser system, which is manufactured and assembled in-house for most components.

The characteristics of the MJ range of livellers: double slope laser system

The machines in this series can be equipped with the dual-slope laser control system, which can be used for terrain with a low slope. To ensure good irrigation, whether natural or artificial, the ground must be levelled and it is essential to follow the natural slope of the land to reduce levelling time and costs. Most land for intensive cultivation has a slope between zero and 0.5%: a small difference in elevation does not allow for proper water flow.

This machine control system is very versatile: it can produce horizontal planes, with one or two slopes.

MARA provides only high precision transmitters and self-levelling; for example, the Leica Rugby CLA-CTIVE CLX 700 – has a range of 600 m. MARA independently produces the laser receiver, the control box with its software, the sensor for controlled tractor effort, block valve with laser cylinder flow regulator and electrovalve. These components and the transmitter make up what we call the MARA laser system. This machine control system guarantees an accuracy of ± 2 mm, which means an excellent levelling result and a reduction in machining time and costs.

Technical specifications

  • Receiver is not affected by external interference
  • high quality components
  • low oil circuit temperature
  • cylinders tested up to 350 bar with 120 bar operation
  • electrovalve operates at ½ the nominal speed
  • highly resistant materials
  • gear pump with lower operating pressure for a longer machine life
  • water and dust resistant laser receiver
  • long-life wear blade (700/800 hours)

MJ Mara levellers: all the advantages

The choice of using an MJ Mara leveller for your ground allows you to have a whole host of advantages and benefits. Not only reliability and one-year warranty, but also the ability to return to the investment in a short time.

High reliability of MJ levellers

These machines allow a high utilisation rate and high reliability. The return on investment is assured in just over a year; it is paid for by increased yields and reduced water, fertiliser and seed.

MARA levellers, thanks to the laser system, adjust the surface in such a way as to obtain the desired slope. This improves drainage and reduces ground compaction damage caused by machine harvesting during wet periods.

Service and one year warranty

Our company guarantees total coverage for all factory defects for one year. Our sales and technical staff is always at your disposal. The assistance is available on all aspects of production, from mechanical to hydraulic and electronic parts. The laser system is tested in our laboratory and each customer can take advantage of the specialized technical advice.

Our commercial office follows the customer from the first request to the after-sale, also taking care of the service and training for customers at their first use.

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