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Mara’s client: Marco Omodei Zorini

In this “post” we gave a client of ours a free hand and he wrote about his experience as a young farmer. Have a nice reading!

This is la cascina Lobbietta, where I don’t live but where I have been working with my father for time immemorial.

Can I introduce myself? I am Marco OmodeiZorini, aged 26, and I work in the family farm at Granozzo (Novara).

We only grow rice and so I really know how important a perfectly planeseeding bed is. When you properly level the soil you can have many advantages. First of all, the cultivating chamber becomes completely submerged with only a few centimeters of water. Then, the compact soil absorbs much less water in summertime (with a modest incoming of cold water over rice fields). Besides, if you don’t have lower areas you can avoid the risk of water-weed and of “panna” (sort of patina) covering rice plants in the first weeks, when they’re a few centimeters high. Finally, the rice fields will drain more easily and regularly in September. We have a MARA leveler machine, an old model(50M): 4,5 meters, 4 wheels with a 140 HP tow.

These two pictures were taken last winter during ground leveling. Well, our MARA leveler have been doing a hard task for years. We have often used it as a scraper but it has never given up. Some grease every morning and then… out at work!

Since we appreciate MARA a lot, we would like to buy a new model in afew years, maybe a 5,5 meters with 6 wheels which are basic to avoid waving in faster distance. We like its simple and light but strong structure, its blade inclination which allows to unload the ground even in adverse conditions (we had once to finish a soil leveling practically in the mud!).

In my opinion, a perfectly smooth seeding bed is the right premise to have a fair production and to bet on our work and on a better, more and more abundant harvest.

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