Mara - Laser Levelers

laser technology

Laser beam receiver

The receiver is the component that reads the laser light that the transmitter emits. This is done via special photodiodes sensitive to light. Leveler machines must be able to move across the ground in different directions in relation to the terrain (excavation areas and carry); for their operation demands a precise receiving apparatus that is sensitive and able to read the 360° signal. MARA produces a laser receiver that, thanks to the particular technology, is able to read and use weak signals, and is insensitive to external disturbances. The pairing of the receiver with the MARA control box optimizes system operation through the wind noise correction functions, automatic recovery of the laser signal in case of signal loss, and tractor power control, all unique MARA features. In addition to these, there is the standard function of the automatic blade control for the implementation of the desired plane.