Mara - Laser Levelers

Laser beam transmitter

In the late 70s laser technology was made available to the market, which permitted focused and very bright linear light beams. This allows for, even at distances of several hundred meters, a powerful light beam that is readable yet very small. The use of a particular rotating crystal pentaprism, which brings out the incoming laser beam at exactly 90°, creates a 360° reference plane. The receiving system picks up the signal and, through leveling, reproduces the plane created by the laser transmitter onto the ground. The latter is placed on a tripod at a height above the tractor cab, so there are no obstacles between the transmitter and the laser receiver. Modern laser transmitters are self-leveling, as they automatically find the horizontal plane. You can also set floors with 1 or 2 slopes, and the laser beam can control the machines up to a distance of approximately 650 meters. MARA does not produce the laser transmitter, but the MARA levelers work with all systems on the market.